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This lesson will show you how to create Courses and add Lessons, it will even show you how to create Quizzes for learner assessment.

Creating courses is an easy process thanks to Sensei. Sensei allows you to create Courses, Lessons, and Quizzes all from 1 page in your WordPress admin area! Follows these easy steps to create a Course and a Lesson:

  1. Navigate to “Lessons -> Add New Lesson” in your WordPress admin area
  2. Add a title for your Lesson
  3. Add the Lesson content in the editor area
  4. On the right hand your will see a box called “Lesson Course”, click the “Add New Course” link to start creating the Course for the Lesson
  5. Once you’ve filled out the Course fields and saved the Course, it will be selected in the “Lesson Course” dropdown
  6. In order to create a Quiz with Questions, you will need to save your Lesson at this point. Click the “Save as Draft” button now
  7. Once the Lesson has been saved, scroll down to the “Lesson Quiz” area under the editor
  8. You should now be able to add a Quiz button clicking the “Add” button
  9. Give the Quiz a passmark
  10. To add Questions to the Quiz for the learners to answer is easy, click the “Add” button next to the “Add a question” label
  11. Fill out the Question fields and click the “Add Question” button to add the Question to the Quiz!
  12. Repeat steps 10-11 for as many Questions as you need.
  13. When you are finished adding Questions, you can publish your Lesson!


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